Interview with Nicole Isaacs (Fashion Police)


About a year ago, I was referred by a  friend who is a travel enthusiast, to follow Nicole Isaacs on social media. Nicole was then a part-time travel blogger who caught my attention via Instagram through her vivid photos of trips around the world and delicious food. After following her for a few months, I learned a small piece of Nicole’s story that came as a surprise. As she relaunched her food and travel blog,, Nicole shared with her Instagram followers that she was actually also a producer for E!’s show, Fashion Police. As a journalism student, I found myself immensely interested in her journey to E!, her transition to a full-time travel and food blogger, and what she has learned along the way from both jobs.

The following interview was done via email:

Where did you attend college? What degree did you graduate with?

I went to UCLA and graduated with a degree in World Arts and Cultures with a Dance emphasis.

Did you start working for E!’s Fashion Police show right out of college? How did you land the job?

I interned for E! News during my last semester at UCLA, and got a job right when I graduated as a production assistant for the network, freelancing for different shows. I worked my way up to field producer on E! Fashion Police for 4 years.

What were some life/career lessons you learned while working for fashion police?

I learned a lot about production and talent relations.  In addition to the production aspect, I booked talent for the show. I also was very hands on producing content in the field such as red carpets, and New York fashion weeks. I really learned the process of show development and putting together a show from scratch.

What made you decide to stop working as a producer and follow your passion for traveling?

I always knew in my heart I wasn’t fit for an office job, and I wanted to get out into the world and do more. After losing the talented Joan Rivers, Fashion Police was never the same. The show went on hiatus so I took advantage of the break and started traveling. I started my blog in 2009 as a hobby, and in 2015 I got it to a point where I felt confident enough to leave my job at E! and really focus on food and travel blogging full time, so I took the risk and did it.

 I know you saved most of your money from your time working as a producer in order to travel, but what are some other jobs you have had in order to continue traveling? 

I make money in several different ways.I am an ambassador for brands like Ciroc and a clothing company called Naked Wardrobe. I have a management company that partners me with brands for blog posts and social media collaborations. I also started my own production company that produces digital content for brands.

 Having a blog, working for different brands, and being a producer all require great networking… What is your advice for any young adults trying to build great relationships within their industry?

It’s very important to network as much as you can. Go to events and social gatherings where other people from your field are there. Meet as many people as you can because it’s really all about who you know to get your foot in the door nowadays.

Society places a lot of pressure on young women to reach certain things in their life by the time they’re 30 (marriage, kids, career) what can you tell us about following your passion and not being within the “norm?” 

The majority of women my age that I grew up with are married. I try not to feel pressure about those things and take life one day at a time. I can’t afford to waste time to stress about marriage and kids at the moment. That time will come but until then I am extremely focused on my career and doing what I love.

Follow Nicole on social Media: @Nicoleisaacs

Photos Courtesy of: @Nicoleisaacs (Instagram)


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